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What is Traffic Travis?

There are many software’s available in the market, but many of them could be harmful to your SEO purposes. But you don’t need that many software’s for search engine optimization if you do the on-site optimization correctly there are very few things to do after that. Traffic Travis helps you in analyzing your competition correctly as it’s not just a tool; it’s a complete collection of tools which helps you in your day to day SEO jobs.

Let me explain you the main features of Traffic Travis

  • Keyword research

If you ask any Internet marketer what is the most important thing in ranking a website, he would instantly say that it’s keyword research.Traffic Travis helps you in analyzing keywords correctly using its latest technology and day-to-day updates. Keyword research is quite easy in traffic Travis; you just have to enter a keyword and traffic Travis points you the easy and relatively easy keywords that you should target.

  • Rank checking

If you’re tired of paying hundreds of dollars to various sites for checking rankings of your website, the this is for you. You can just use this software, and it will check your rankings daily or at a scheduled time, as per you likings.

  • Competitor analysis

This software completely helps you in analyzing your competitors whether you want to analyze a particular website or the entire top 10 or 20 pages for a specific keyword. Any keyword that has average PR less than three is considered a relatively good keyword to rank for (or that was the rule when I last read an SEO guide).

  • Backlink analyses

After on-site optimization, the biggest factor in ranking in search engines are backlinks. The better your backlinks, the more chances you have to rank at #1 of that keyword. This SEO software completely analyzes all the backlinks to your website and even to other websites. It also sorts them out by their PR, their top-level domain extension, and their outbound links.

Advanced usage of this SEO software

Project Overview

Traffic Travis helps you in managing your projects efficiently by providing a project overview on the main page of the software. It lists the top keywords you are ranking for, how many are you back links, how Google indexes many pages of your website and many other things. It shows you a quick overview of how your project is doing at that moment. Importing pages etc.
You can easily import all the pages of your website to analyze them separately and reduce your time in adding them one by one. They can be analyzed after that and can be modified as per requirements.

Custom reports

You can easily start a small SEO report(Onsite, Rankings, or whatever) business as traffic Travis easily allows you to export your reports (which are very professional looking) to your hard drive.You could later supply these to your clients.
These can be imported in PDF as well as CSV formats.

Finding domains

Traffic Travis also has a feature to find exclusive domains, whether want to create a new website or you want to find old expired domains for better rankings, this domain search feature is really a good one.

domain You can also select the type of domain name you wish to find whether it will be a .com, .net or any other TLD (as per your wishes).

AdSense PPC analyses

ppc There is also a feature by which you can check PPC prices and competition for that keyword in AdSense (Must have AdWords account). For the guys who want to use paid traffic as their primary source of traffic generation, this could be very useful.

Why Traffic Travis Professional?

With Traffic Travis Professional
• You can create Unlimited amounts of projects
• Check Unlimited Rankings in Search Engines
• Complete competitor analysis
• Check up to 200 Top Ranking sites in Rank Checker

Advanced new features and updates

I’ve been using Traffic Travis for more than a year. It is quite regularly updated, and new features are added on day to day basis, so you don’t have to worry as very professional guys maintain it.

You can check the changelog here.

How to Get the coupon code[VIDEO]

I’ve created a simple video to summarize this post and help you to understand quickly how you can get the discount.

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