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Welcome to my serpbook discount and review guide, in this article I will talk to you about what serpbook is and how it can help you in tracking your rankings without paying a hefty amount to other rank tracker’s which are usually not correct at all.

I will also provide you with a 50% discount for the first month which could really help you check the software out.

So let us talk what it provides us: –


Easy, simple and correct reports


Serpbook provides you with very easy interface and very reliable ranking updates that help you check your website rankings without any problems. It provides updates almost 300 times per day for each of your keywords so you don’t have to check them again and again.


Beautiful and clean looking interface


serpbook interface is one of the most coolest and beautiful I have seen for a working software around there. Now the boring days of looking at ugly websites to check your ranking are over, with serpbook clean looking interface your love is where the money is.


Share ranking statics with a client or friend


This feature is one of the coolest in any search ranking tracking software and I think it’s only available in serpbook at the moment, what this allows us is to share our ranking statistics without disclosing our keywords or any other sensitive info. You will receive a key that is a URL link something like .You can share that link with anyone.

These rankings are live and when the update your client will also be able to see the changes.


Instant notifications and alerts

serpbook provides you with instant notifications if you’re keywords move into the top hundred or into the top 10. This helps us in keeping our time wasted on checking rankings again and again as low as possible.


Notifications will not be delivered into your email but alerts will be. Alerts happen when a drastic change happen in your keyword rankings.


Custom PDF and Excel reports


Serpbook provides you with a feature that you can export your ranking report into.pdf or Excel file. These are very simple to read and can be exported at any time.

Sending reports to email

you can also select feature which allows you to send custom PDF and Excel reports to your email directly.


API access


If you want to create a software which has integration with serpbook then with the custom API access, it’s never been so easy.



Google analytics integration


If you are a big GA fan, you can integrate it easily with serpbook and have all its data and graphs in the serpbook reports.


So let’s talk about what are the pros and cons: –

first let’s talk about the pros

1.quite easy, cool looking and simple.

2.Almost perfect in rank checking

3.Accurately priced .

4.dedicated support (both my website and forum thread).

And let’s talk about cons although they are not many

1. It would have been better if Backlink metrics also be integrated with this tool.

2.Searches per month for keywords are sometimes wrong.

How to get Serpbook Discount code? Both Lifetime and Trial?


1. Go through this link and click the signup button.


2.Apply coupon “Trial” without Quotes

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3.  That’s it! You have got 50% OFF on your serpbook subscription.


If you have any problems regarding our serpbook discount and review article you can just contact us by writing below or using our contact us page.


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