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»Name:SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin
»Original price:Depends On Package
»Discounted Price:5$/Month
»You SAVE: Unknown


Welcome to my SEOPressor discount coupon code and review article. In this article I’m going to talk about all the features that as SEOPressor provides you as well as provide you a hefty discount of 50%. By using this discount you can buy as your Presser is your software for 50% less than that than the usual cost.

So let us talk about all the features that come with as Seopressor plug-in: –

Precise keyword placement

As your Presser helps you in placing your keywords at the right place and helping Google find out what your website is about. This helps you in ranking as well as provides you with more Google love.

Helps in cross-linking the right way

This WordPress plug-in helps you in effective cross-linking your sites and making them look nice to visitors which thereby increase your CTR rate and hence provides you with more motherly treatment from big G.

Effectively target Meta content

Mostly Google about your site from your Meta description and meta keywords. So it is a good idea to write an effective Meta description and keyword description. SEOPressor helps you in doing that and thereby making your website more search engine friendly.


Complete tackling of over optimization and keyword density


Over optimization is the biggest crime these days. Once you pass over the ‘limit’, Google will no longer rank you for that specific keyword that you were trying to stuff into everywhere in order to rank.

Google’s Ex-Webspam Team head says this on Overoptimization:



Complete image optimization

do not leave a single traffic method go waste, this is the quality of of a clever Internet marketer. By using SEOPressor plug-in you can effectively optimise your images so that you dominate the image searches in Google and other search engine’s.


Social analytics with SEOPressor

SEOPressor is the only plug-in as far as I know, that provides complete social analytics for Seo purposes. Since Google Panda and Penguin updates, the search engine’s heavily depending on social searches and social optimization is now a key to ranking.


LSI domination with ease

SEOPressor provides you with all the tools to know what are the related and LSI keywords that you should target in your article. These are not the old days very by only targeting the main keyword you will rank. Now, if you over optimise, leave ranking you want able to come up with in the top hundred. So the best practice nowadays is to lower the density of keyword and increase the density of LSI and related keywords. This WordPress plug-in completely helps you in doing this.


Increase your Google search CTR with rich snippets


SEOPressor provides you with the complete domination over snippets so that your search results started looking good and transfer you more and more traffic each day.

Seo domination is just steps away


With SEOPressor WordPress plug-in, you just have to think about writing good content, and the rest will be done by this little master.


So let’s talk about the pros and cons…


First let us talk about the pros

  • Easy to operate and stylish.
  • With complete features and tutorials.
  • High quality support and large user database.


Now let’s talk about the cons


  • Too many people are using it snowed version which contains various viruses and the company is doing nothing about it.
  • The footer link is quite annoying, they should provide a way to remove it.


But all in all is a it is a good plug-in and I would recommend it, if you don’t know anything about writing your post for search engine’s.

IF you have any queries regarding SEOPressor Discount Coupon Code , You can surely contact us via our contact page 🙂

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