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Hey guys welcome to my article about SB bomber discount and in this article I will show you how you can get SB bomber for a whopping discount of $ 50.

So what is SB bomber?

SB bomber is an automation tool which helps you create thousands of social bookmarks within minutes.

Here is a complete list of features which it comes with: –

  •  1 click automatic e-mail creation, now you don’t have to worry about creating new Hotmail is Yahoo’s because now you have this awesome feature which does this automatically.
  •  it sets the pop3 settings automatically so you don’t have to worry regarding finding those settings for every e-mail you add or create.
  • now you can submit to around 1000 social bookmarking sites with ease.
  • it also provides the function of the drip feeding the social bookmarking links four days or hours.
  • you will also get the scheduling facility to help you schedule your tasks within the software.
  • it also has built-in pinger for pinging you created links and thereby helping them get indexed by Google and other search engines.
  • you can also add integration to various spinning software’s like the best spinner and spinner Chief.
  • you can use up to 50 threads and complete large number of tasks within a short idea of time



Note: – this offer has expired,

I would recommend you using other great softwares which are available in the market like bookmarking Demon or my personal choice ultimate bookmarker .


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